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The Pharmacy of SUN Yat-Sen University Cancer Center(SYSUCC) was founded in 1964.  And pharmacy service at SYSUCC has evolved from single drug dispensing and preparation to a fundamental aspect of patient care.  The role of pharmacy includes assisting other health care professionals and experimental research department with prevention and cure of tumor, teaching and study, providing hospital’s pharmaceutical procurement and supply, drug dispensing, preparation, cytotoxic reconstitution, drug quality control, drug information service, adverse drug reaction (ADR) monitoring, and clinical pharmacy.


Headed by the Director, Pharmacy Department has a manpower of 82 pharmacists with various educational background including doctor, master, graduate, and junior college. And 19 staffs were senior and intermediate title account for 23%.





1 Grant title:  The association of UGT1Ahaplo types and epigenetic variance with irinote can toxicity. 

Funding Institution: Supported by the Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province(Initiation project for    PHD)

PI: Pan Ying

Budget: RMB 30,000

Duration: 2010.10-2012.10


2 Grant title:  The efficacy and safety evaluation of captopril and valsartan combined with hydrochlorothiazidein    therapy of hypertension induced byEGFR TKI.  

Funding Institution: Supported by GuangDong Provincial Department of Science and Technology.

PI: Liu Tao




3 Grant title:  Screnning and evaluation of  antitumor multi-target lead compunds of chinese herbal in South China.     Funding Institution: Supported by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the GuangDong    Province.

PI: Liu Tao

Budget: RMB5,000

Date: 2010.10


4 Grant title:  The association of UGT1 Ahaplo types and epigenetic variance with irinotecantoxicity. 

Funding Institution: Supported by Foundation of Hospital Pharmacy of the Guang Dong Province.

PI: Pan Ying

Budget: RMB15,000

Duration: 2010.10-2011.10


5 Grant title:  The efficacy and safety evaluation of captopril and valsartan combined with hydrochlorothiazide in    therapy of hypertension induced by EGFR TKI.  

Funding Institution: Supported by GuangDong Pharmaceutical Association.

Budget: RMB15,000

Duration: 2010.10-2011.10


6 Grant title: Retrospective study and clinical rational administration analysis on patients with distomatosis hepatisin    ShunDe.

Funding Institution: Supported by GuangDong Pharmacological Society

PI: Pan Ying

Budget: RMB8,000

Duration: 2010.10-2011.10


7 Grant title: The GPR30/EGFR cross talk promotes the epithelial-mesenchymal transition of triple-negative breast    cancer

Funding Institution: Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China

PI: Chen Zhuojia

Budget: RMB 230,000

Duration: 2014.01-2016.12



1 Name: Clinical Application and Atlas of Antitumor Chinese Medicine.

  Publication Date:2008.01

  Language: Chinese

2 Name: Pharmacology of Antitumor and Antitumor related Agents

  Publication Date:2007.01

  Language: Chinese





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