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Medical Imaging

There are 185 staff in the medical imaging department, including 63 physicians, 82 technicians and 40 nurses, 6 of which are professors and 13 are associate professors. There are 35 physicians in the department. At present, there are 5 doctoral students, 17 master's degree and specialized medical training students.

Over the past five years, we have obtained a number of provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects, with a total amount of 10.89 million RMB, including 2 National Key Projects, 7 National Natural Science Foundation Projects and 14 Provincial and Ministerial Science Funds. Currently, there is 1 National Key Project, 4 National Natural Science Foundation Projects and 5 Provincial and Ministerial Science Funds. With a total amount of 7.02 million RMB, for supporting oncology and radiology research.

Over the past five years, 123 SCI papers have been published, including two papers with impact factors greater than 10, and 17 papers with an impact factor greater than 5, with a total impact factor of 442, including publications in Clinical Oncology (IF= 33.0), JAMA Oncology (IF = 22.80), Radiology (IF = 7.9), and others. Among them, Professor Liu Lizhi's research results on retropharyngeal lymph node staging of nasopharyngeal carcinoma were cited by the UICC staging guidelines. In addition, more than 20 papers were selected for top academic radiology conferences, including North American and European radiology conferences.

Updated September 2020

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