The tumor bio-bank was established in 2001 supported by Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center (SYSUCC). Our goal is to facilitate basic science, clinical research and translational studies by providing researchers with a dynamic collection, storage, annotation, and distribution of resources for cancer research. The tumor bank collects biological samples including blood, fresh tissue, bone marrow, biopsy as well as body fluid from patients who were pathologically diagnosed. Samples are collected, processed, stored and documented according to standard operating procedures. 

Types of samples
An assortment of tumors at varying stages of cancer from multiple disease sites are collected including  nasopharyngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, head and neck cancer, gynecologic cancer, urinary cancer, lymphoma, among others. Peripheral blood samples are processed and separated into serum, plasma and white cells. Sera or plasmas are aliquot. White cells are isolated and preserved in special fixative RNA later (which preserves RNA) or preserved as buffy coat. Tumor tissues and associated adjacent normal tissues are collected and processed within 30 minutes post-resection. Tissues are often snap frozen in liquid nitrogen but may also be preserved in special fixative such as RNA, later, or formalin which preserved tissue architecture. All specimens are verified by a pathologist. A variety of services are available including routine histology, tissue array, as well as DNA and RNA extraction.

Specimen Management
A set of software of sample management is connected to our hospital information system (HIS). Trace-ability is ensured by labeling all samples with a bar code. Clinical information linked to our specimens can be obtained from our HIS. The SYSUCC Tumor Bio-bank is an open access bio repository so that specimens are available to investigators both internal and external to SYSUCC.

A temperature management system has been installed to monitor all refrigerators and room temperatures. In case of a dysfunction, the system can send a message directly to our staff’s mobile phones alerting them to any problems.

Key Numbers
The pathology department stores more than 20,000 specimens from biopsy and surgery (only FFPE), and over 8,000 cell slides. The Bio-bank area stores more than 60,000 blood samples and over 13,000 tissues from the Pathology Department.

Currently, there are over 6 staff (including 2 researchers and 4  technicians) in the department, including 1 senior specialist (professor).

Wei-Hua JIA, M.D., Ph. D
Professor and Chairman, Department of Tumor Bank, SYSUCC
Professor of Oncology, SYSUCC
Director, Cancer Molecular Epidemiology, SYSUCC
Professor of Epidemiology and Health Statistics, School of Public Health, Sun Yat-sen University
Professor of Molecular Medicine, Sun Yat-sen University
Ying Zhang, M.D.
Research Assistant, Department of Tumor Bank,SYSUCC
Xiao-Hui Zheng, M.D.
Technician, Department of Tumor Bank, SYSUCC
Wen-Qiong Xue, M.D.
Technician, Department of Tumor Bank, SYSUCC
Shao-Dan Zhang
Technician, Department of Tumor Bank, SYSUCC
Ye-Zhu Hu
Technician, Department of Tumor Bank, SYSUCC

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