About Us
  • Xu Ruihua MD, PhD

    Title: President and Professor	
    Prof. Xu administrates the Executive Office, Clinical Trials Center and Cancer Communications.
  • Wu Shaoxin MS

    Title: Secretary of Party Committee	
    Since May 2016, Mr. Wu has been serving as the Secretary of Party Committee in Sun Yat-sen
  • Ma Jun MD, MS

    Title: Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Executive Vice-president
    Prof. Ma administrates the Office of Education and Grad...
  • Zhang Yuanquan

    Title: Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee
    Mr. Zhang Yuanquan is graduated from South China Normal University. He was assigned as t...
  • Zeng Musheng MD, PhD

    Title: Professor and Vice-President	
    Prof. Zeng administrates Office of Research Management, Office of International Administration, an...
  • Peng Wangqing MBA

    Title: Vice-President
    Mr. Peng administrates the Department of General Affairs, Office of New Campus Construction and Department of Fin...
  • Sun Ying MD, PhD

    Title: Professor and Vice-President
    Prof. Sun administrates the Department of Human Resource Management, Office of Information Technolo...
  • Liu Zhuowei MD, PhD

    Title: Professor and Vice-President
    Prof. Liu administrates the Department of Medical Affairs, Department of Nursing and Pharmacy.
  • Jia Weihua

    Title:Chief Accountant
    Chief Accountant Jia Weihua administrates the department of finance.

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