Patient Care

Get an appointment
Contact the International Office to request an appointment. Please email us at: (or call call +86-20-8734 3066)

Case review
Prior to arrival at SYSUCC for a consultation or treatment, please provide the following information to the international office for review:

• Information Form (provided by email)

• Medical and treatment history

• Eventual pathological, laboratory, surgical reports

• Relevant radiological reports and images: CT, X-rays, MRI, PET-CT, US, bone scans

Once all the above documents are submitted, the Office of International Collaboration and Public Relations will forward your case to a physician from the related specialty to define whether or not we have treatment options available for you at SYSUCC. Please note that our physicians are very busy so please bear this in mind when following up your case. Please be ensured we will reply to you via email as soon as we receive information from our physicians.

The appointment
If recommended by the physician, we will then arrange a formal patient-doctor consultation. You will need to provide the following information prior to arrival: full name, sex, passport number, date of birth, occupation, contact number, address, contact person's name and phone number as well as availability times in Guangzhou, China.

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