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The diet organization was set up at early 1964 year when our hospital was built, then the department of diet was established at 1980 and then it changed as department of diet nutrition at March of 1996. The Department of Nutrition removed to the 23 layers of medical and research building after it was completed at 2002. We have set up outpatient of nutrition counseling at 1993 in order to provide nutrition counseling guidance to patients and sub-healthy crowd. After several years of development, the Department of Clinical Nutrition now undertake nutrition support and metabolic intervention for critical or special patients, and it is an important branching of clinical speciality, and is one of the clinical departments which mainly be responsible for the nutrition support of therapy、nutrition counseling and management. Now personnel structure includes: two attending physicians, two resident physicians and three nurse-in-charge.

In November 2002, a clinical nutrition support team consisting of physicians from the Departments of Clinical Nutrition, the Surgery, the Pharmacy and pharmacists was set up by our center. In addition, with the establishment of a well-equipped enteral nutrition configuration and the standardization of enteral nutrition formula, a comprehensively enteral nutrition system has been developed which improved the nutrition status of critically ill patients such as patients can not to eat properly through the mouth because a variety of causes, patients who receiving chemoradiotherapy or multiple organ failure.

Currently, the Department of Clinical Nutrition provides nutrition support services to patients with different diseases and treatments in all clinical departments of the hospital, especially for patients who receiving radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy or in perioperative period. To provide disease-specific and personal nutrition support is one of the characteristics of the Department of Clinical Nutrition.

The Department of Clinical Nutrition moved from the 23rd floor of the East Tower to the 10th floor of the West Tower in October 2013, equipped with the standardized enteral nutrition configuration room to provide nutrition support to all clinical departments of the hospital.

Additionally, the deputy director of Dr. Wenfeng Ye (also serves as one of the executive council members of the Nutrition Society of Guangdong Province, the deputy director of the Hospital Nutrition Management Committee of Guangdong Hospital Association, the member of the Clinical Nutrition Committee of the Nutrition Society of Guangdong Province, the member of the Nutrition Branch of Chinese Physician Association) frequently propagate nutrition knowledge, guide for proper food consumption, strengthen people's awareness of nutrition and correct the diet misunderstanding through news media, science lectures within and outside the hospital.

Our purpose: Make every effort to provide a standardized and individualized nutrition support to improve the quality of life and prognosis of cancer patients and also nutritional counselling service for the public.

Expert outpatient service:   Wenfeng Ye (Tuesday Afternoon);
                                              Hongyu Han (Thursday Afternoon)

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