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The Nursing Division of Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center(SYSUCC) consists of 578 nurses including 1 professor and 13 associate professors. Nurses’ degree level displays as follow: 3 master’s ,142 bachelor,334 college and 99 secondary school degree.There are 38 nursing units and 44 head nurses. We established 3 control network(Diretor of nursing-departmental head nurse-unit head nurse) for overall nursing quality control and management, led by director of the dean and set up Nursing Quality Management and Continuous Improvement Committee, Nurse Training and Scientific Research Management Committee, Specific Nurse Management Committee, Occupational Safety and Human Rights Commission to control nursing quality with the PDCA Theory. The Nuring Department built the brand of tumor nursing with patient-centered service,psychological care and specialist care.



The Nursing Department hosted four national and two provincial continuing education programs and academic exchanges since 1999,the national programs including cancer patients’ psychological care, cancer patients’ nursing intervention, the new progress in cancer chemotherapy nursing and the new progress in cancer nursing.Nurses did more and more scientific researches and published nearly 100 papers at the national or provincial core journals every year.They obtained a number of research projects as follows.

Projects funded by Provincial Bureau of Health:
Cancer patients’ Quality of Life scale development
Home care on improving the life quality of patients after colostomy

Projects collaborated with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University:
Validity and reliability analysis of the Chinese Cancer Pain assessment tool
Relationship of brain endorphins in plasma and variables of Chinese Cancer Pain   assessment tools
Music therapy on the role of radioactive stomatitis

Hospital projects: 
Social psychological care on the role of nasopharyngeal carcinoma therapy
Experimental study on the lung injury of rabbits by silicon oil lubricator used in disposable syringes
Traditional Chinese medicine to prevent the phlebitis of anti-cancer drugs

Book published:
Cancer patient’ care and rehabilitation


Our radiation and chemotherapy nursing have attained domestic lead level and we have a unique and effective method to prevent and treat chemotherapy drug leakage. We carried out chronomodulate which can enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy and reduce side effects early and has reached the international advanced level. We have rich experience in the theory and practice on training oncology nurse specialist(70 international colostomy specialist nurses and PICC , tumor,ICU specialist nurses in recent years ) and also attain domestic lead level,get a lot of experience to develop home nursing for raising the life quality of tumor patients,carry out many new projects such as radiation nursing,chemotherapy nursing and biological therapy nursing whcih are in the domestic leading level. 

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