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For strengthening cancer prevention study in Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, the Department of Cancer Prevention Research (including Guangdong Provincial Cancer Center Preparatory Office) was established as an independent unit in November, 2013.

The staffs of Department of Cancer Prevention Research are mainly consisted by the former staffs of Division of Cancer Prevention Research of Department of Preventive Medicine, including 1 deputy director, 1 professor, 1 part-time professor, 2 technicians. Now, professor Liu Qing is the deputy director of the Epidemiology of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association Committee in China and the researchers can cultivate postgraduate students in the field of cancer epidemiology and statistic.

The space of the newly established Department of Cancer Prevention Research was expanded to more than two hundred square meters, including office rooma, cancer registration room, laboratory, biological specimen bank and archives room.

The main objective of our department is to explore the trends and regulations of cancer incidence and mortality in Guangdong Province; discover the cause of the risk factors for cancer in southern China and early diagnosis and screening methods; develop and evaluate new indicators and methods for cancer prevention; demonstrate and spread new models and measures of cancer prevention. The researchers have devoted themselves for several dacades to conduct screening and early detection of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) in the high risk fields in Guangdong provinces, and has continuously won the National Key Technology R&D Programs  from the 1970s to 2010s sponsored by the national Science and Technology Development of China. The department has established a NPC screening cohort recruiting 60,000 population and the biological specimen bank, and launched a simple, easy, stable, brand-new screening method based on ELISA to detect serum VCA/IgA and EBNA1/IgA which has already been recognized as a standard NPC screening method to be promoted nationwide by Cancer Foundation of China. Currently, its development has already stepped into a new flourishing phase.In order to meet the new challenges, our department plans to further expand the study scope, improve the research level, and attract talents to build an international study platform for cancer prevention.

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