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The Department of Medical Imaging was founded in 1964, when the hospital was established by Professor Zhiguang Xie, who is the first president of Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, the academician of Chinese Academy of Science and a pioneering radiologist in China. Fifty years later, SYSUCC’s clinical and academic level rose thanks to unremitting efforts of several generations, leading domestic fields of imaging diagnosis and image-guided minimally invasive therapy in oncology. From 2006, the center is the leader unit for Minimally Invasive Therapy in Oncology, within the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association. Professor Guoliang Zeng, Qixiang Zeng and Haogao Lin were the former directors and a great generation of radiology and oncology experts, who contributed extraordinarily to the development of this center. The current director of the Medical Imaging and Image-guided Therapy Center is Professor Peihong Wu, who is the chairman of the Society of Minimally Invasive Therapy in Oncology, for the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association and Asian Pacific Association of Image-Guided Minimally Invasive Therapy in Oncology. Professor Chuanmiao Xie is director of Department of Medical Imaging, and Professor Yaopan Wu and Zhang Rong are vice directors of this department. Professor Li Li is also a famous scholar in the field of medical Imaging.





Our department is equipped with PACS system, CR, DR, bedside X-ray machines, multi-function digital gastrointestinal machine, ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, digital gastrointestinal machine, all-digital breast X-ray machine with three-dimensional positioning system, Optimus Light Scattering plus Ultrasound Breast Imaging System, Cone Beam Computed Tomography for Breast Imaging; 3.0T MRI, open 1.0T MRI, 1.5T MRI, multi-spiral CT, big bore CT, Energy spectrum CT, CT-MRI-Ultrasound image fusion system, flat-panel DSA with diagnosis and treatment function.




There are totally more than 100 staffs in our department. The center has more than 30 physicians, of which are 3 professors and 9 associate professors.

Diagnosis and Treatment


Our center is one of the centers earliest in introducing CT and MRI in tumor diagnosis in China. In the last two decades, considerable progress have been made, especially in the field of CT&MRI diagnosis of liver cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, renal and prostate cancer and staging of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. In 2013, 164514 cases of CT or MR scan performed. And more than 400 cases are examed by plain films every day, which consist of DR, digestive tract imaging and mammography.

There are 56 beds in the minimally invasive & interventional ward and more than 3,500 cases per year have received minimally invasive procedure in the center.

Medical Imaging diagnosis mainly includes the following items:
1. Digital fluoroscopy and radiography examination;
2. Bronchial tomography examination;
3. Mammography and stereotactic puncture;
4. Whole body CT scan;
5. Whole body MR scan.

Except for routine image examination and diagnosis, other examinations were also carried out by doctors in our center include: Diffusion Weighted Imaging and Diffusion Tensor Imaging; CT and Ultrasound Image Fusion Imaging; Light Scattering plus Ultrasound for Breast Imaging; Imaging assessment after tumor ablation; Image-guided tumor biopsy; CT angiography (CTA), arterial portography CT (CTAP),lipiodol-CT (LPCT).


Education and Research


The Department of Medical Imaging has been under taking the training and education of clinical interns and graduate students. Each year more than 40 doctors all over the country come to work and learn in our center as their fellowship. The seminar of “Image Diagnosis of Nasopharyngeal Cancer”, which is a national continuing education program, has been held with 300-350 participants annually for ten years.

In this center, a high level of scientific research has been achieved, and we have won the national 863 project, the National Natural Science Foundation and a number of other funds. We also published more than 10 valuable academic books and many articles in radiology and oncology.

In 2014, we published about 25 SCI papers and until 2015 July 7 SCI papers, and we also published many non-SCI papers in Chinese. We published one paper in Journal of Clinical Oncology this year (IF:18.4) because of the extraordinary work in medical imaging.


In 2014, we gained 1.28 million RMB from our country and Guangdong Province, for supporting oncology and radiology Research.


Wu Peihong, Professor, Doctor Instructor, Director of the Medical Imaging and Image-guided Therapy Center
Xie Chuanmiao, Chief Physician, Doctor Instructor, Director of Department of Medical Imaging
Wu Yaopan, Vice Professor, Deputy Director of Department of Medical Imaging
Zhang Rong, Chief Physician, Deputy Director of Department of Medical Imaging
Li Li, Chief Physician, Professor, Doctor Instructor

Last updated on: September, 2015

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