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Image-guided Minimally Invasive Therapy

Equipped with the first class imaging and image-guidance technology in China, the department of image-guided minimally invasive therapy in Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center (SYSUCC) is well known for its advanced modalities in diagnosis and treatment of various malignancies, focusing on providing high quality and personalized medical service to benefit the patients.


The scale

The department of Minimally Invasive Therapy is made up of 5 functional units: Minimally invasive & interventional wards (54 beds), Minimally invasive & Interventional outpatient, imaging-based operation room, Molecular imaging and minimally invasive intervention laboratory and HIFU treatment room. There are a total of 41 doctors, nurses and technicians, of which 5 are professors, 5 associate professors, 1 intermediate grade (attending doctor) and 3 residents; 4 were Ph. D. supervisors and 2 were master supervisors. The outpatient service is available from Monday to Friday every week.


More than 40 clinical items and services had been provided in our center, with 3,500 patients receive image-guided minimally invasive procedure every year. Moreover, for the past two decade, a number of novel investigations and clinical trials had been conducted, which have achieved great economic and social benefits.


The equipment

The department has two world's advanced spiral CT machine, one 1.0T open MRI, one flat-panel DSA with diagnosis and treatment function, radiofrequency ablation apparatuses, microwave ablation apparatuses, brachytherapy device, HIFU, Argon helium cryoablation device, light scattering ultrasound breast imaging system, CT-MRI-Ultrasound image fusion system, image-guided navigation system, and laboratory of tumor microvascular intervention.



There are a total of 14 doctors, among which 5 are professors, 5 are associate professors, 1 is intermediate grade (attending doctor) and the rest 3 are residents; 8 have doctoral degree and 6 have master degree; 4 were Ph. D. supervisors and 2 were master supervisors. We also have 15 nurses, with 1 senior title, 1 intermediate title and 13 have junior titles.


 Clinical items and services

  1. Image-guided tumor biopsy;

  2. Transjugular intrahepatic biopsy;

  3. CT Angiography (CTA), CT during Arterial Portography (CTAP), lipiodol CT (CTLP);

  4. Arterial infusion chemotherapy and embolization for various malignancies;

  5. PCS artery implantation;

  6. Uterine fibroid embolization;

  7. Arterial infusion chrono-chemotherapy for cancer;

  8. Endovascular thrombolytic therapy;

  9. Image-guided genetic, biological agents local injection and arterial infusion therapy;

  10. Tumor chemical ablation;

  11. Tumor radiofrequency ablation;

  12. Tumor cryoablation;

  13. Double and triple interventional treatment of liver cancer;

  14. TACE combined with HIFU and ablative therapy;

15. Esophageal stenting, tracheal stenting, gastrointestinal stenting, biliary stent implantation;

  16. Superior and inferior vena cava stent implantation;

  17. Minimally invasive fistulation (gastrostomy, nephrostomy);

  18. Vertebroplasty for bone metastasis;

  19. Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPSS);

  20. Radioactive seed implantation;

  21. After loading radiotherapy for Biliary tumors;

  22. Periportal (Klatskin) biliary cancer RFA and comprehensive treatment.



Medical students training: the Center of Medical Imagingand Interventional Radiology has been under taking the training and education of clinical interns and graduate students, including basic principles of Radiology and interventional Radiology.

Fellowship: Each year, more than 40 doctors all over the country come to work and learn in our center as their fellowship.

Continuing education: The seminar of "Image-guided Therapy and Solid Tumor Ablation” and “Image Diagnosis of Nasopharyngeal Cancer”, which is a national continuing education program, has been held with 300-350 participants annually for ten years.


Academic organizations

In 2006, the Society of Minimally Invasive Therapy in Oncology, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association was established. Prof. Peihong Wu, the director of the center of imaging and image-guided therapy, served as the founding chairman. With the joint cooperation of our department and the society, Annual conference has been successfully held for 10 consecutive years, which serves as the platform for the exchange of ideas and the promotion of the standardization of diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment of cancer.


Books with editor-in-chief

1. "minimally invasive treatment and multidisciplinary treatment for of liver cancer "《肝癌微创治疗与多学科综合治疗学》

2. "Interventional Radiology in Oncology"《肿瘤介入诊疗学》

3. "Spiral CT "《螺旋CT诊断学》

4. "MRI. Clinicians must read"MRI.临床医师必读》

5. "imaging for diagnosis of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma"《鼻咽癌的影像学诊断》

6. "The principles and practice of irreversible electroporation ablation" 《不可逆电穿孔消融技术的应用原理与实践》


Book chapters

We participated in finishing the associated book chapters in: "Clinical Oncology: graduate textbooks," " research of nasopharyngeal carcinoma", "clinical CT Diagnosis", "imaging of diseases of the genitourinary system", "clinical interventional therapy", "Clinical Oncology," "pancreas cancer "," Principle and Practice of multidisciplinary treatment of lung cancer. "



More than 100 articles published in professional papers in the SCI, national, provincial professional journal in the past five years.



Director, Center of Imaging and Image-guided Therapy

Peihong Wu

ProfessorChief PhysicianDoctoral Supervisor

Director of Department of Minimally Invasive Therapy

Jinhua Huang

ProfessorChief PhysicianDoctoral Supervisor

Associate Director, Department of Minimally Invasive Therapy

Fujun Zhang

ProfessorChief PhysicianDoctoral Supervisor


Zhimei Huang


Other specialist

Weijun Fan

Chief Physician

Ming Zhao

Associate Chief Physician

Chuanxing Li

Associate Chief Physician

Zilin Huang

Associate Chief Physician

Yangkui Gu

Associate Chief Physician

Liang Zhang

Associate Chief Physician

Fei Gao

Associate Chief Physician

Head Nurse

Jinjin He




Address: Department of Minimally Invasive Therap, No. 651, Dongfeng East Road, Guang zhou, Guangdong, China, 510060



Last update: August 2015

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