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Ultrasound and Electrocardiogram

Introduction of the Department of Ultrasound and Electrocardiogram
It has been more than 20 years since the Department of Ultrasound and Electrocardiogram was founded by director Xiaoyue Chen. The present director is Professor Anhua Li who is the chairman of Guangdong Association of Ultrasound in Medicine and Engineering. Our department provides all of the ultrasound and electrocardiogram examinations for Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center. With the rapid development of the hospital, our department is developing rapidly form small to large and famous. There are 23 faculties in our department, including 1 professor, 3 associate professors and 6 attending physicians. The facilities and services of the department comprise of 10 ultrasound examination rooms, 2 electrocardiogram examination rooms, 1 gray-scale ultrasound machine, 2 portable color doppler ultrasound machines, 10 most modern high-resolution real-time color doppler ultrasound machines and 3 electrocardiogram equipment. Our staff performs and interprets more than 220 ultrasound examinations and ultrasound guided biopsy as well as 180 electrocardiogram examinations every day. Besides, the department provides 24 hours emergency electrocardiogram examinations. Our faculties insist the service principle of patient and quality first. The diagnostic accuracy is over 90% and positive rate is about 60% to70%. Our physicians put great effort to study the ultrasonogram features of tumors including hepatic tumors, breast tumors, thyroid tumors, rectal tumors, gynecologic tumors and lymph nodes as well besides finishing routine ultrasound examinations, which make our diagnostic accurate rate get close to international level. 
Diagnosis and Treatment
1.      The department is one of the earliest hospitals in China in which contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) has been successfully performed in the daily examinations. More than 6,000 CEUS examinations have been performed since 2004. The diagnostic accuracy (especially in hepatic tumors) has been significantly improved to over 90% since the utilization of CEUS. The department has become a CEUS training center in China and receives visiting fellows who come to study CEUS from the whole country every year.
2.      Based on previous years experience of ultrasound guided biopsies and treatments, our physicians have focused on superficial masses biopsies in the recent few years, expecially in small lymph node biopsies, and some masses in difficult location such as pleural cavity, lung, mediastinum, pancreas and retroperitoneum, which provide necessary histologic diagnosis for the patient treatments and make our contributions to the cancer treatment ability of the whole hospital getting close to international level. The department performs 1000 biopsies every year with more than 92% of tissue positive rate and less than 0.5% of complication. At the end of 2010, our experienced physicians took the lead to perform radio frequency ablation of superficial tumors and metastatic lymph nodes in the country, which provides a new therapy for some advanced melanomas and metastatic lymph nodes.
3.      The department has performed echocardiogram examinations since 2003 and is the unique ultrasound department which can provide this service in all of the tumor hospitals in the country. Our physicians perform more than 2,000 routine heart examinations and heat function assessment for the patient every year.
4.      The department has focused on the differential diagnosis of breast benign and malignant tumors since 2003. The present diagnostic accuracy of breast tumors is higher than 80% and the department has become one of the best ultrasound departments of the country in the diagnosis of small breast lesions and intraductal lesions. Furthermore, three dimensional ultrasound and elastography have been performed to evaluate breast tumors and provide more detail characteristic information of the breast tumors.
5.      The department provides emergency bedside ultrasound examinations for clinical service, which make great convenience for the heavy patient. More than 2,000 bedside ultrasound examinations and intraoperative ultrasound examinations have been done in the past 4 years.
6.      Transrectal and transvaginal ultrasound have been routinely performed in our daily service. In the past few years, our physicians began to use transrectal and transvaginal ultrasound to guide pelvic lesions biopsy and drainage.
7.      Our physicians perform peripheral vascular examination, which help to detect venous thrombosis for patients undertaking Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter for chemotherapy.
Electrocardiogram division provides 24 hours emergency electrocardiogram examinations.
Cancer Care
Our faculties have rich experience in the ultrasound diagnosis of all kinds of tumors, including hepatic tumors, biliary tumors, renal tumors, rectal tumors, gynecologic tumors, breast tumors, thyroid tumors and lymph nodes. The department has become one of the best ultrasound departments of the country in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of small breast cancer, thyroid cancer and metastatic lymph nodes.
Facility and Apparatus

There are the most modern high-resolution real-time color doppler ultrasound machines in the department, including Sequoia 512, Philips IU22, GE LOGIQ E9 and TOSHIABA Aplio XG 790 so on. Most of these ultrasound machines can be used to perform contrast-enhanced ultrasound examinations. Philips IU22 can be used to perform transvaginal ultrasound examinations and three dimensional ultrasound examinations. Three dimensional ultrasound examinations of superficial tissue tumor, elastography, fusion imaging and GPS guided needle placement can be performed in GE LOGIQ E9.


Lian Hua, Chief Physician, Professor, Master Instructor
Director of Ultrasound & Electrocardiogram Department

Zhou Jianhua, Deputy Chief Physician, Master Instructor
Deputy Director

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