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Breast Oncology

Introduction of Breast Oncology Surgery


Sun Yat-SenUniversity Cancer Center is the largest specialized center of oncology in the southern area of China. Patients with breast cancer are the most administered in our hospital, accounting for 29%. Due to an increasing number of breast malignancies, Department of Breast Oncology was separated from the Department of Thoracic Oncology and became an independent clinical department in 2008. We have a ward of 72-patient beds. Our team is composed of 13 surgeons, 2 investigators and 8 PhD/Master students. Among 13 professional faculty members, there are 3 professors, 3 associated professors, 3 attendings and 4 residents. Besides the clinical ward, we also have our own laboratory, there are 4 faculties,including 1 research assistant, 1 technician and 2 postdoctoral fellows.




Our director Prof. Xie Xiaoming previously worked in M.D. Anderson Cancer Center for many years,and he was invited back to found breast oncology department in 2008. He had over 30 significant articles published in Cancer Cell, Nat Cell Bio, et al. He also owned 10 patents in USA and china, and one of the patents about target therapy via nano-particle systems is on going clinical trial in MD Anderson cancer centre. Another specialist, Prof. Yang Mingtian, as the chief expert of breast cancer in Guangdong province, is the pioneer surgeon to launch breast conserving surgery and sentinel lymph node mapping in china.


Till now, we have more than 40 grants including those supported by NSFC (Natural science foundation of China) and the fund’s over 10 million RMB. Furthermore, we participate in many international and national-wide multi-center studies involving nenoadjuvant, adjuvant chemotherapy, endocrine therapy and BCT. Now there are 5 international clinical trials still ongoing, including RAD001,RAD002, trials of nerotinib and PBI after BCT. To sum up, the Department of Breast Oncology, as one of most dynamic sections in Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, will attract more patients all over the country in the future.


Diagnosis and Treatment


The Department of Breast Oncology is a cooperative community/academic partnership that provides a multidisciplinary care of breast cancer including breast cancer prevention,early diagnosis, surgical treatment, systematic chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immuno biological therapy, as well as breast reconstruction. Over 1,500 patients with newly diagnosed breast carcinoma received surgical treatment in our department each year. For patients with breast cancer, treatment is available through multidisciplinary teams including surgeon, radiologist, and chemotherapy physician. They work together to make optimal therapeutic plan for every patient based on the principle of individualization.



Cancer care


Breast cancer:

Surgical resection

Neoadjuvant chemotherapy

Adjuvant chemotherapy


Benign breast diseases:

Surgical resection


Facilities and apparatus


Gamma-probe forsentinel lymph node biopsy

Portableultrasound system

Bard core needlebiopsy devices

Vacuum-assistedbreast biopsy system





Currently, thereare 37 staffs, including 13 surgeons (3 professor, 3 associate professors, 3attendings, 4 residents) and 24 nurses.


Xiaoming Xie ,M.D., Ph.D

Professor and Director,Department of Breast Oncology


Xi Wang, M.D.

Professor andVice-Director, Department of Breast Oncology


Mingtian Yang,M.D.

Professor, Departmentof Breast Oncology


Jun Tang, M.D.

AssociateProfessor, Department of Breast Oncology


Xiangsheng Xiao,M.D.

AssociateProfessor, Department of Breast Oncology


Weidong Wei, M.D.

AssociateProfessor, Department of Breast Oncology

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