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Colorectal Surgery


The department of Colorectal Surgery is a newborn division at Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, divided from the previous the department of Abdominal Surgery and established in March, 2009. It locates currently at 14th floor of main building.
The department mainly diagnoses, treats and manages cancers of large bowel, as well as those arising from small bowel, retroperitoneum, and intraabdominal GIST (gastrointestinal stromal tumor).

The department opens 35 inpatients beds, and the total staff consists of 24 persons, including 8 surgeons (2 chief consultant, 4 consultant, 2 attending), 13 nurses, 1 research scientist , 1 research technician, and 1 administrative clerk.
The department of abdominal surgery was the foundation and precusor of the department of colorectal surgery. In the past 45 years, the department of abdominal surgery had already achieved noble achievements, not only not only expanded in terms of experience accumulation, but also developed a completely unique medically professional culture. In particular, there had 15 Scientific Accomplishment awards and 55 research grants in past 45 years. Over 300 scientific papers had been published, including 14 SCI papers. Professors from the department had edited 10 books.


Medical Care

 The department mainly manages tumors of large bowel. And its therapeutic effect already ranks the top level around the country. The multidisciplinary comprehensive treatment (MDT) mode has been recommended and extensively used at the department. The department provides colorectal cancer management service mainly with surgery, as well as preoperative chemoradiation, intraoperative and postoperative chemotherapy. Prof. WAN De-sen holds the position of chief-specialist and leader of the MDT team for colorectal cancer.

The department has already established a sets of regulations for standard surgical procedures, including strict no-touch and tumor-free techniques during operation. In past 15 years, TME (total mesorectum excision) has already become a standard procedures for cancers at middle/lower part of rectum.  Preoperative chemoradiation is another new approach used at the department for locally advanced middle/low rectum cancer. The department is one of institutes used this approach firstly in China.

Most recently, the department begins minimally invasive surgery for colorectal cancer, including laparoscopic colectomy, which provides better cosmetic effect and quicker recovery,  and TEM (transanal endoscopic microsurgery) technique for small or benign tumor/polyps arising from low part of rectum, which provides more opportunities for sphincter-sparing, and better quality of life after surgery.

Relying on the cooperation of comprehensive specialties every patient can receive multi-disciplinary treatment according to TNM stage, tumor biological characteristics. All of these measures make sure all patients can get the most reasonable and optimal treatments. Accordingly, the treatment effects are always satisfactory. Summarizing all colorectal cancer cases data treated at the department, the 5-year survival rate is 66.3% and postoperative local recurrence is only 6%-8%, which ranks the top level around the country.

In order to preventing liver metastases from colorectal cancer after surgery, several methods have been taken at the department, including 5-FU based intraoperative chemotherapy (intra-luminal, intra-port vein, intra-abdominal)、postoperative intra-port vein 5-FU continuous infusion and 5-FU based sustained-release implantation. Regarding management of CRC liver metastasis, the department has accumulated rich experience, mainly with surgical resection, combing chemotherapy and radiofrequency ablation, these measurements significantly improved 5-year survival. Particular for CRC patients with initially unresectable liver metastasis, initial chemotherapy then followed by secondary resection after a good response and significant tumor shrinkage, this treatment strategy provided encouraging results., In order to promote development in this field, CRC Liver metastasis group of Chinese association of colorectal cancerwas set up in November, 2008, and Prof. PAN Zhi-zhong, current director of the department, has been selected as chairman of the group.

Stoma therapy and rehabilitation is another special nursing program at the department, which provides better care for those with a stoma after rectum cancer surgery. The department opens the first ET(enterostomal therapists) school in China to train internationally certified ET nurses. The department is currently most important ET nurse training base in China.


Teaching activities

The department takes responsible for different level teaching tasks, including undergraduates, postgraduates, and CME (continuous medicine education) courses.

The department is also a base for postgraduate master and Ph.D students’ study. Prof WAN and Prof PAN hold title of Ph.D. supervisor, and there are two surgeons hold title of Master supervisor. In 2010, there are 4 Ph.D. and 4 master students.

Clinical Oncology (1st & 2nd Ed.) edited by Prof WAN De-sen is taken as textbook for Chinese medical student.

ET nurses training program has been awarded as excellent teaching item by the university in 2008.


Research and Academic Activities

The faculty has always attached great importance to scientific research , As a clinical faculty of Sun Yat-Sen University, CRC places great effort upon basic and continued medical education and training, emphasizing upon basic principles、methodology training、individual independence. The surgical lab located at 6th floor was shared by the department together with the department of thoracic surgery. There is a full-time and professional research scientist, and a technician. There 8  ongoing research programs, including funding from 985 project, 211 project and 863 project.


The department has kept a close connect to Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in NY, USA,  Adelaide University in Australia, Paul Brousse Hospital in Paris, France, and Hong Kong. Several surgeons of the department studied in above institutes.

The department regularly holds academic conference or training courses, including:

1. Annual Meeting of Colorectal cancer association of Guangdong Province. This series meeting begins in 1999, and it will be 13th meeting in 2011. This meeting has become most important and significant one in Guangdong province, and about 200 professional delegates attend the meeting.

2. Annual National ET training course since 1998. This CME course has trained over 1000 professional nurses providing primary ET nursing.

3. Annual Sun Yat-sen University ET Scholl course since 2001.  Up to 2010, the school has trained about 100 internationally certified ET nurses. The department is currently most important ET nurse training base in China.


Department Culture

1.Motto of the department: Devotion, preciseness, innovation, passion
2. Professional ethics: “ clean physician, clean practice” education program
3. To establish a harmonious atmosphere in the department.


Staff Members






Pan Zhizhong

Professor Ph.D. supervisor


Li Liren

Associate professormaster supervisor


Wu Xianjun

Associate professor

Honorary chairman

Wan Desen

Professor Ph.D. supervisor


Chen Gong

Associate professor, master supervisor

Ding Peirong

Associate professor

Lu Zhenhai

Attending physician

Kong Lingheng

Attending physician

Peng Zhiheng

Training physician

Fang Yujing

PHD research scientist

Nurses Manager

Zheng Meichun

Associate chief nurse


Zhu Yaping

Associate chief nurse


Xu Weiwen



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