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Introduction of the Department of Medicine Laboratory


The Department of Medicine Laboratory was established in 1964, when SUN YAT-SEN University Cancer Center was founded. With the rapid development of the hospital, our department’s academic level and the overall strength have been rising by unremitting efforts of several generations, and is recognized leading department in the field of tumor marker detection  in Southern China. The Department of Laboratory Medicine is a multidisciplinary organization. The Department performs over 13.2 million tests annually and provides a broad array of routine and specialized clinical laboratory testing services available 24 hours/day on peripheral blood, urine, and other body fluids for patients throughout SUN YAT-SEN University Cancer Center. Services include high volume chemistry, hematology and coagulation; microbiology and virology. The Department is composed of 41 staffs, among them there are 1 chief technicians , 5 deputy-chief technicians, 12 senior technicians, 20 technician. The educational background of whole department is postdoctor, doctor, master and so on. The current director of the department is Professor Wanli Liu, and the vice director is Professor Shuqin Dai.

Facilities and apparatus

The Department is equipped with a series of advanced equipments including: Automatic biochemical analyzer Hitachi 7600/008,Automatic immunity analyzer Roche E602/E170, Automatic microbial analyzer vitek-32, BACTEC 9050 automated blood culture system, BD FACSCALIBUR, Automatic coagulation analyzer CS5100/CA7000, Hematology diagnostic testing system XE5000, DIGEN DNA Hybridization system, Urine Analyzer IQ200, Tecan Fame ELISA system, Sebia automatic Electrophoresis System.


Diagnosis and laboratory techniques

There are 6 professional laboratories in our department including Immunology Lab, Biochemical Lab, Clinical Lab, Bacteriodiagnosis Lab, Molecular biology Lab and Flowcytomietry Lab.


Immunology Lab is responsible for the detection of various immunological marker such as tumor marker, bone marker, hormone, antibodies or antigens for varies hepatitis, HIV,syphilis and so on. The tumor makers including HE4, CEA、AFP、CA153、CA125、CA199、CA724、CA50、CA242、NSE、CYFRA211、HCG-β、PSA、CT、FERR、β2-MG、TSGF、SCC and so on.


Biochemical Lab has developed many specialized items with advanced equipment and management based on “Biochemical routine test”, such as HbA1c HPLC analyzer,Specific proteins, Myocardial damage markers.

Clinical Lab is consist of the “three routine test”,body fluid routine test and Coagulation & hemostasis test.


Bacterio diagnosis Lab is undertake all kinds of specimens of microbial cultivation, isolation, identification and drug sensitive test, and responsible for the monitor of hospital infection. The Lab have guided clinical department use antibiotics rationally, also carry out the work of biological treatment.


Molecular biology Lab is bound for the analysis of HPV subtypes, the antibodies of EB virus, small part of tumor marker and hormone.


Flow cytomietry Lab is take up the detection of lymphocyte immune function, leukemia immune classification, minimal residual leukemia, all kinds of cell factors and so on.


Quality control

In order to ensure the detection result can be sent to the patients with accuracy, reliability and in time, our department has established a series of strict rules and regulations, which manage respectively in each steps before, during and after the analysis without any omission. Our Lab carries out the quality control rules and regulations strictly,trailing and controlling the instruments every day, we not only ensure the control of the quality inside the Lab, but also actively participating in the inter-lab quality control with other labs in the city, in the whole country, and get excellent grades.


Last updated on: February, 2015

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