Professor Ma Jun's team win first prize in Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards

June 22, 2022

The Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Conference was held in Guangzhou on April 15. The project: "The clinical application of comprehensive diagnosis and treatment strategies for nasopharyngeal carcinoma” led by Professor Ma Jun won first prize at the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards.

The project was completed by Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center. Team members included: Ma Jun, Sun Ying, Liu Na, Zhang Yuan, Chen Yupei, Liu Xu, Tang Linglong, Li Wenfei, Li Yingqin, Chen Lei, Xie Fangyun, Mo Haoyuan, Guo Rui, Zhou Guanqun, and Du Xiaojing.

Project Introduction
Prof. Ma Jun’s team is dedicated to nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) research, which is particularly prevalent in Guangdong.  Their achievements include: refining the staging system for NPC; proposing individualized radiation therapy technology that reduces radiation to the lower half of the neck and submandibular areas; establishing an effective "gemcitabine + cisplatin" induction chemotherapy for locoregionally advanced NPC, which is a category 1 recommendation in the NCCN and ASCO guidelines. The team members have 136 peer-reviewed publications as the last or only corresponding author including in the N Engl J Med, the Lancet, the Lancet Oncol and Cell Res. Their findings have been applied all over the world.

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