Cancer Communications continues to climb with a new Impact Factor of 10.392

July 02, 2021

Cancer Communications once again achieved another historical breakthrough in its influence, with an impact factor of 10.392 in 2020, ranking in Q1 among the global Oncology Journals, and making it the top comprehensive oncology journal with the highest impact factor in Asia.

Cancer Communications (former title: the Chinese Journal of Cancer) is an academic oncological journal sponsored by Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center (SYSUCC, Guangzhou, China). With the support of strong scientific research resources from SYSUCC and partnership with the highly-acclaimed publisher, Wiley, Cancer Communications is recognized as a key platform for scientific publications in the field of oncology. It is included in PubMed/Medline, SCI, Scopus, and other international databases. Cancer Communications has published more than 1,000 papers from nearly 2,106 institutions in 88 countries/regions, and these papers have been cited over 23,000 times by research institutions in 108 countries/regions and prominent researchers.

Cancer Communications thank all its authors and peer-reviewers for their tremendous efforts and contributions, without which this could not have happened. With this new high reached, the Editorial board is even more determined to strive for academic excellence and faster peer-reviewed publications.

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