Research on anticancer drugs
Fu Liwu's Laboratory

The laboratory of Fu Liwu, within the State Key Laboratory of Oncology in South China, SYSUCC. Fu's Lab is interested in: 1) Research and development of new anticancer drug; 2) Cancer drug susceptibility testing system, realizing individualized chemotherapy; 3) Research on multiple drug resistance (MDR) mechanism and development of reversal agent for it.

Current Research
1. Pre-clinical research and development of PBA2

2. Development of new anticancer drugs based on abnormal tumor metabolism

3. Dynamic evolution of and intervention study on cancer stem cells

4. Research and development of key technology for large-scale continuous perfusion culture of animal cells

5. Research and development of molecular basis of drug resistance in lung cancer cell and lung cancer drug susceptibility chip for it

6. Research on Afatinib inhibiting expression and functions of ABCG2, thus enhancing effects of anticancer drugs targeting and killing cancer stem cells

7. FG020326 and its homolog reverse ABC-mediated MDR

8. Effect and mechanism of missing or mutation of MED12 in drug resistance in EGFR-TKIs

9. Research on molecular mechanism of acquired drug-resistance in EGFR-TKIs for ErbB4-pathway-mediated non-small cell lung cancer

Contact Information
Prof. Fu Liwu, PhD
Professor and Director of the Experimental Research Department
Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center

651 Dongfeng East Road
Guangzhou,Guangdong 510060

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