Influences of tumor microenvironments on infiltrating immune cells
Limin Zheng's Laboratory
Tumor progression is now recognized as the product of evolving cross talk between different cell types within the tumor and its stroma. Normal stroma is non-permissive for neoplastic progression, but cancer cells can modulate adjacent stroma to generate a supportive microenvironment. With the combination of clinical sample examination and the in vitro/in vivo study, Zheng’s Lab systematically investigate the influences of tumor microenvironments on infiltrating immune cells and how these "educated" cells promote tumor progression.

Current Projects
Tumor-associated myeloid cells

Contact Information
Limin Zheng
Professor and Director for Biotherapy Department
Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center
Vice Dean at School of Life Sciences
Sun Yat-sen University
Tel: +86-20-84112163

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