Mechanisms involved in hepatocarcinogenesis and tumor metastasis
Yun Jing Pings' Laboratory

Dr. Yun is a certified anatomic pathologist, specialized in tumor pathology. He obtained his medical degree at Sun Yat-sen University and completed his PhD training at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He then returned to Guangzhou to start his own laboratory at Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center. Dr. Yun is the Chair and Professor of department of Pathology.

Current Research
The Yun’s research team engages in basic and translational researches of the mechanisms involved in hepatocarcinogenesis and tumor metastasis. Particular interests are given to identify the biomarkers that are of critical importance in cancer diagnosis and prognostic prediction, and to investigate the related aberrant signaling pathways. We have discovered many novel protein alterations in hepatocellular carcinoma, and these discoveries have advanced our understanding of how the involved proteins transmit signals that cause cancer cells to become invasive and metastatic. Our research has won several accolades, with prestigious grants and significant publications.


Contact Information
Yun Jing Ping
Chair and Professor
Department of Pathology
651 Dongfeng East Road
Guangzhou 510060,China

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