Molecular and cellular mechanisms of cancer
Liu Quentin's Laboratory

The Quentin Liu's lab is interested in understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms of cancer through mammalian cell culture, animal models and clinical resources. We seek to identify diagnostic markers and therapeutic targets for cancer of various tissues. A unique three-dimensional culture system has been developed in our group to better interpret the in vivo microenvironment of cancer. We are currently investigating cancer stem cell biology and the differentiation of solid tumors, identifying the molecular mechanisms involved and the translational applications.

Current Research

1. Epigenetics, cancer stem cell biology and differentiation of cancer.

2. Molecular markers and targeted drugs for cancer.

3. Three-dimensional culture of normal/malignant cells.

Contact Information

Quentin Liu, MD, PhD

Principle Investigator

Professor of Cancer Biology

Director, Laboratory for Target Therapy,State Key Laboratory of Oncology, Cancer Center

Sun Yat-senUniversity (SYSU)


651 Dongfeng Road East

Guangzhou, Guangdong 510060

Tel: 020-87343148


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