Molecular phenotypes and staging of ovarian carcinoma
Liu Jihong's Laboratory

The laboratory of Jihong Liu, Professor, is within the Sun Yat-sen university cancer center. Liu's Lab is interested in the study of molecular phenotypes and staging of ovarian carcinoma, biomarkers for early diagnosis of ovarian cancer, as well as lymph node metastasis in cervical cancer. The ability to predict responses to chemotherapy is another key point of our research projects in ovarian cancer.

Current Research
1.Study of clinical classifications and molecular phenotypes in ovarian cancer

  Molecular features of different metastasis patterns in stage III ovarian cancer

  Establishment of an animal model for retroperitoneal lymph node metastasis

  Screening molecules related to lymph node metastasis in ovarian cancer

2.Study of molecular biology on lymph node metastasis in cervical cancer

  u  Biological functions of Sam68 and underlying molecular mechanisms relation to lymph node metastasis

  u  Relationship between Sam68 and angiogenesis

  u  Expression and clinical significance of URG4 in cervical cancer

Contact Information
Professor Jihong Liu
Department of Gynecologic Oncology
Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center

651 Dongfeng Road East
Office:+86 20 87343102
Fax:+86 20 87343014

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