Metastasis Molecular Mechanism/Biomarkers for Individual Therapy
Rui-hua Xu’s Laboratory

Prof. Rui-hua Xu’s Laboratory belongs to the Department of Medical Oncology, Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center and State Key Laboratory of Oncology in South China. Prof. Xu’s Lab is interested in:

1) Finding novel molecular mechanisms of gastrointestinal cancer metastasis;

2) Identifying potential diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers to guide individualized therapy for cancer patients;

3) Developing new strategies to overcome drug resistance of cancer cells;

4) Conducting clinical trials for developing optimal treatments for cancer patients.

Research Projects
1. Role of miR-214 in the regulation of colorectal cancer liver metastasis and its underlying mechanisms.

2. Defining new molecular subtypes and developing individualized therapy for advanced colorectal and gastric cancer.

3. Role of AMPK in the regulationof Kras and PI3K signaling pathway in colorectal cancer.

4. KH903 Clinical trial: a novelanti-angiogenic antibody in the treatment of cancer patients.

Selected peer-reviewed publications

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Contact Information
Rui-hua Xu, Ph.D.
Principle Investigator
Professor of Department of Medical Oncology
President of Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center

651 Dong Feng East Road,
Guangzhou 510060, PR China
Office: +86-20-87343333
Fax: +86-20-87343295

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