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Name: Qiang Liu
Title: Professor
Email: liuq9@mail.sysu.edu.cn
Phone: 020-87343177

Professor Quentin Liu (Qiang Liu), a distinguished recipient of the National Distinguished Youth Fund, the leader of an innovative research group funded by the National Natural Science Foundation, and a Chief Scientist of the 973 Program. In recent years, Professor Liu has published over 150 research papers in internationally renowned academic journals such as Nature Medicine, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Cell Research, Nature Communications, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Cancer Cell, PNAS, and Blood. He has also been granted 10 patents.


1) Molecular target therapy and immunotherapy of cancer stem cells

2) Signaling network and interventions of cancer stem cell cycle

3) Regulation of tumor neuro-immunological rhythms by psychosocial behavior and emotions


Education: M.D., Univ. of Illinois at Chicago, United States, 1994-2000

                    Ph.D., Univ. of Illinois at Urabana-Champaign, United States, 1991-1997

                    B.S., Nanjing University, China, 1985-1989



1. He B, Gao R, Lv S, Chen A, Huang J, Wang L, Feng Y, Feng J, Liu B, Lei J, Deng B, He B, Cui B, Peng F, Yan M, Wang Z, Lam E W, Jin B, Shao Z, Li Y, Jiao J, Wang X and Liu QCancer cell employs a microenvironmental neural signal trans-activating nucleus-mitochondria coordination to acquire stemness. Signal Transduct Target Ther, 2023. 8(1): p. 275. (IF18.19)

2. Liu F, Wang X, Duan J, Hou Z, Wu Z, Liu L, Lei H, Huang D, Ren Y, Wang Y, Li X, Zhuo J, Zhang Z, He B, Yan M, Yuan H, Zhang L, Yan J, Wen S, Wang Z and Liu QA Temporal PROTAC Cocktail-Mediated Sequential Degradation of AURKA Abrogates Acute Myeloid Leukemia Stem Cells. Adv Sci (Weinh), 2022. 9(22): p. e2104823.(IF15.66)

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4. Peng F, Xu J, Cui B, Liang Q, Zeng S, He B, Zou H, Li M, Zhao H, Meng Y, Chen J, Liu B, Lv S, Chu P, An F, Wang Z, Huang J, Zhan Y, Liao Y, Lu J, Xu L, Zhang J, Sun Z, Li Z, Wang F, Lam E W and Liu QOncogenic AURKA-enhanced N(6)-methyladenosine modification increases DROSHA mRNA stability to transactivate STC1 in breast cancer stem-like cells. Cell Res, 2021. 31(3): p. 345-361. (IF25.62)

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6. Wen H, Ma H, Cai Q, Lin S, Lei X, He B, Wu S, Wang Z, Gao Y, Liu W, Liu W, Tao Q, Long Z, Yan M, Li D, Kelley K W, Yang Y, Huang H and Liu QRecurrent ECSIT mutation encoding V140A triggers hyperinflammation and promotes hemophagocytic syndrome in extranodal NK/T cell lymphoma. Nat Med, 2018. 24(2): p. 154-164. (IF53.44)

7. Peng F, Wang J H, Fan W J, Meng Y T, Li M M, Li T T, Cui B, Wang H F, Zhao Y, An F, Guo T, Liu X F, Zhang L, Lv L, Lv D K, Xu L Z, Xie J J, Lin W X, Lam E W, Xu J and Liu QGlycolysis gatekeeper PDK1 reprograms breast cancer stem cells under hypoxia. Oncogene, 2018. 37(8): p. 1062-1074. (IF9.87)

8.Li M, Chai H F, Peng F, Meng Y T, Zhang L Z, Zhang L, Zou H, Liang Q L, Li M M, Mao K G, Sun D X, Tong M Y, Deng Z Q, Hou Z J, Zhao Y, Li J, Wang X C, Lv S S, Zhang Q Q, Yu X, Lam E W, Liu Q, Cui X N and Xu J, Estrogen receptor β upregulated by lncRNA-H19 to promote cancer stem-like properties in papillary thyroid carcinoma. Cell Death Dis, 2018. 9(11): p. 1120. (IF8.47)

9. Yang N, Wang C, Wang Z, Zona S, Lin S X, Wang X, Yan M, Zheng F M, Li S S, Xu B, Bella L, Yong J S, Lam E W and Liu Q, FOXM1 recruits nuclear Aurora kinase A to participate in a positive feedback loop essential for the self-renewal of breast cancer stem cells. Oncogene, 2017. 36(24): p. 3428-3440. (IF9.87)

10.Xu L Z, Li S S, Zhou W, Kang Z J, Zhang Q X, Kamran M, Xu J, Liang D P, Wang C L, Hou Z J, Wan X B, Wang H J, Lam E W, Zhao Z W and Liu Q, p62/SQSTM1 enhances breast cancer stem-like properties by stabilizing MYC mRNA. Oncogene, 2017. 36(3): p. 304-317. (IF9.87)

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