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Name: Liqin Wang
Title: Principal investigator and Professor
Email: wanglq1@sysucc.org.cn
Phone: 0086 2087340285

The research direction of Liqin's lab is closely integrated with clinical practice, mainly using high-throughput functional genetic and compound screens to explore new drug targets or new treatment strategies for anti-cancer treatments. The lab also studies the molecular mechanisms for treatment responses or resistance, to develop precise, rational and effective drug combinations. The lab also focuses on exploiting senescence for cancer treatment, developing senolytic drugs, and the connection between cancer cell senescence and the immune system.


Rational drug combinations, cellular senescence and senolytics


2012.11-2018.06 Netherlands Cancer Institute        Molecular Carcinogenesis PhD

2011.09-2012.08 University van Amsterdam        Biomedical sciences MSc  

2004.09-2008.06 Han University of applied sciences    Life sciences BSc


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