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Name: Zhang Yizhuo
Title: Professor and Director
Email: zhangyzh@sysucc.org.cn

Dr. Yizhuo Zhang is currently a Professor in the Department of Pediatric Oncology at Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU) Cancer center, Guangzhou, China.She specializes in clinical diagnosis, treatment, and hematopoietic stem cell therapy of hematologic malignancy and pediatric cancer.

Her primary research interests are involved in the development of novel drugs for pediatric cancers, translational medicine of hematologic malignancy and pediatric cancers, and the pathogenesis of acute leukemia and malignant lymphoma.

Dr. Zhang has led or participated in over 20 international or national multi-center clinical trials and is a pioneer in conducting clinical trials to test new drugs for pediatric cancers in China. Her institutional committee activities include the deputy chairman of the Blood Disease Translational Research Committee & standing committee member of Hematological Tumor Committee (4th and 5th), Chinese Anti-cancer Association, and deputy team leader of the standing committee member in the Pediatric and Adolescent Lymphoma Group, Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology (CSCO), etc.

She has served as the Corresponding Editor in Chinese Journal of Hematology and the Editorial Board Member in Chinese Journal of Clinical Oncology & Journal of Experimental Hematology. Overall, she has published more than 150 peer-reviewed papers as the corresponding author or first author. 50 of them are included in the science citation index (SCI), including one in the renowned journal--Leukemia. Also, Dr. Zhang led to formulate the CSCO Clinical Practice Guidelines in pediatric and adolescent lymphoma and contributed to many book chapters such as Hematologic cancers: from molecular pathobiology to targeted therapeutics.

The development of novel drugs for pediatric cancers, translational medicine of hematologic malignancy and pediatric cancers, and the pathogenesis of acute leukemia and malignant lymphoma.

M.D. Nanjing Medical University, China, 1989.09-1994.07.

Master & Ph.D. Degree in Hematology, Chinese People's Liberation Army General Hospital, China, 1999.08-2004.06.

Visiting Scholar, Laboratory of Hematology and Cell Biology, Faculty of Medicine Saint-Antoine, Pierre et Marie Curie University, France, 2003.03-2004.06.

Short-term clinical visitor, MD Anderson Cancer Center, America, 2010.04-2010.05.

Short-term clinical visitor, Department of Hematology, Moffitt Cancer Center, America, 2010.12-2011.01.

Short-term clinical visitor, Department of Pathology, Moffitt Cancer Center, America, 2011.12-2012.01.


Selected Publications in the past three years as the corresponding author
1. Bingbing Chen, Suying Lu, Hao Peng, Feifei Sun, Jia Zhu, Juan Wang, Junting Wang, Zijun Zhen, Xiaofei Sun, Fei Han, Yizhuo Zhang. Comparison of long-term outcomes and sequelae between children and adult nasopharyngeal carcinoma treated with intensity-modulated radiotherapy. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2019 Nov 30.

2. Mengzhen Li, Bing Xia, Yi Wang, M. James You (Department of Hematopathology, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA), Yizhuo Zhang. Potential therapeutic roles of exosomes in multiple myeloma: a systematic review. J Cancer, 2019.Oct 15;10(24);6154-6160

3. Sun C, Cheng X,  Wang C,  Wang X,  Xia B,  Zhang Y. Gene expression profiles analysis identifies a novel two-gene signature to predict overall survival in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. Biosci. Rep. 2019 Jan 31;39(1) 

4. Bing Xia, Mengzhen Li, Ruifang Yang, Xi Wang, Chengtao Shun and Yizhuo Zhang,The central roles of exosomes in hematological malignancies: A new frontier review,Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications. VOLUME-11 NUMBER-3 (July-Sep 2018)347-355

5. Bing Xia,Xi Wang,Ruifang Yang,Li  Mengzhen,Kunpeng Yang,Li Run,Suxia Li,Shuye Wang,YiZhuo Zhang. Epstein-Barr Virus infection is associated with clinical characteristics and poor prognosis of multiple myeloma. Bioscience Reports, 2019 Oct 30;39(10).

6. Chen Tian, Lu Wang, Ling Wu Yizhuo Zhang et al. Clinical characteristics and prognosis of multiple myeloma with bone-related extramedullary disease at diagnosis. Biosci Rep, 2018,38(3):1-8.

7. Chaoyu Wang, Bing Xia, Qiaoyang Ning Yizhuo Zhang et al. High prevalence of hepatitis B virus infection in patients with aggressive B cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in China[J]. Ann Hematol, 2018, 97(3):453-457.

8. Wang Y, Wu L, Tian C, Zhang Y. PD-1-PD-L1 immune-checkpoint blockade in malignant lymphomas. Ann Hematol. 2018, 97(2):229-237.  

9. Yuan T, Yang Y, Chen J, Yizhuo Zhang  et al. Regulation of PI3K signaling in T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia: A novel PTEN/Ikaros/miR-26b mechanism reveals a critical targetable role for PIK3CD. Leukemia, 2017 ;31(11):2355-2364.

10. Tian C, Yang HL, Zhu L, Yizhuo Zhang et al. Anti-CD138 chimeric antigen receptor-modified Tcell therapy for multiple myeloma with extensive extramedullary involvement. Ann Hematol, 2017, 96:1407-1410.

11. Jiang Y, Xia B, Zhang Y, Xu W. Approaches to optimize gene therapy for the treatment of hematologic malignancies: Overcoming the Obstacles.Curr Gene Ther. 2017;16(6):390-400.

12. Tian C, Zheng GG, Zhuang HQ, Yizhuo Zhang  et al. MicroRNA-494 Activation Suppresses Bone Marrow Stromal Cell-Mediated Drug Resistance in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells. J. Cell. Physiol, 2017, 232: 1387–1395.

13. Zhong YP, Zhang YZ, Liao AJ, Li SX, Tian C, Lu J. Geriatric Assessment to Predict Survival and Risk of Serious Adverse Events in Elderly Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma Patients: A Multicenter Study in China. Chin Med J (Engl). 2017 Jan 20;130(2):130-134.

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