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Name: Zhao Hong Yun
Title: Deputy Director, Associate Professor and Associate Chief Physician

Employed as a medical doctor by Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center and worked in medical oncology department and clinical trial center from 2003 after master degree of oncology until now. Got PhD degree in Sun-Yat sen University Cancer Center in 2011, mastered the key techniques of ELISA, RT-PCR, IHC, Cell Culture etc. During MD & PhD studies and clinical works, received professional training of researches on anti-cancer new drugs, and acquired the certificate of clinical trial training awarded by VIENNA School of CLINICAL RESEARCH, which is highly accredited. Shortly studied in The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Prince of Wales Hospital for clinical trial design and implementation in 2003. Participated in over 20 Phase I to IV clinical trials domestic or international, including INFORM study which had been selected as one of the top ten clinical oncology progress in 2012.

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