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Name: Li Su
Title: Director of Clinical Research and Research fellow

Since 1998, she has been working at Medical Oncology of Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Center for New Anticancer Drugs. She is familiar with theories and techniques of molecular biology, capable of conducting experiment in cell biology, flow cytometry experiment and Western Blot; she has also mastered pharmacology experimental theories and techniques of pharmacology for anticancer drugs, and is able to inoculate tumor-bearing nude mice to test the anti-tumor efficacy of anticancer drugs. She has published more than 10 papers, and has led several research projects.

What is more, she has mastered biopharmaceutical analysis of drugs, proficient in operating atomic absorption spectroscopy instrument, high-performance liquid chromatography instrument, ultraviolet–visible spectrophotometer, microplate reader, RT-PCR instrument, and etc. She is familiar with national guidelines for GCP for trials on pharmaceutical products, including those for pharmacokinetic experiment, capable of establishing pharmacokinetic analysis methods and determining drug concentration; she can write plans and reports for pharmacokinetic experiments in Phase I/II/III clinical trials, and conduct preliminary analysis on pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic relationship, and the interaction of drugs.

Since 1998, she has led clinical pharmacokinetic study on several domestic and foreign Category I new drugs. Pharmacokinetic study of Phase I clinical trial of domestic drugs includes E10A (preparation for endostatin gene), ATV-TK/GCV, vinflunine, dicycloplatin, combretastatin, puquitinib mesylate, SM03 (CD22 monoclonal antibody), and fluorapacin; pharmacokinetic study of Phase I clinical trial of foreign drugs: ZD6474 and capxol; pharmacokinetic study of Phase III clinical trial: epothilone and etc.

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