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Name: Zhang Zhiling
Title: Associate Professor
Email: zhangzhl@sysucc.org.cn

I graduated at Guangzhou Medical University as a  MD in 2006. During 2006-2012, I finished my post graduated training in Sun Yat-Sen University  Cancer Center. After that I was trained as a research fellow in one of the most famous kidney cancer center- The Cleveland Clinic. From then on I work as a full-time faculty in Sun Yat-Sen University  Cancer Center as a urologist. I am skilled in treating urological cancer, especially renal cancer, bladder cancer and prostate cancer with both minimally invasive surgery and open surgery.


Urological cancer, especially renal cancer, bladder cancer, minimally invasive surgery and preservation of renal function.


Sun Yat-Sen University                                09/2009-06/2012
Major in Oncology
Doctor of Clinical Medicine and Doctoral Diploma issued in June 2012

Sun Yat-Sen University                                09/2006-06/2009
Major in Oncology
Master of Clinical Medicine and Postgraduate Diploma issued in June 2009

Guangzhou Medical University                     09/2001-06/2006
Major in Clinical Medicine
Bachelor of Medicine and Undergraduate Diploma issued in June 2006


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