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Name: Qin Zike
Title: Professor, Chief Physician
Email: qinzk@sysucc.org.cn
Bladder cancer, kidney cancer, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and other comprehensive treatment.
Principles of bladder cancer. In recent years, we investigated the role of  Bmi-1 in progression and metastasis of bladder cancer and found that Bmi-1 was related to recurrence and progression of  bladder cancer.
1984—1989  Guangxi Medical university, Bachelor Degree

1993--1996  Cancer Center of Sun Yat-sen University, Master Degree

1996--1999  First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Doctor Degree

1. Intra-arterial Chemotherapy Is Reliable in Preventing High-risk Superficial Bladder Cancer from Recurrence and Progression. Journal of Chemotherapy. 2009,21(6): 681-686 .

2. Expression of Bmi-1 is a Prognostic Marker in Bladder Cancer. BMC Cancer,2009, 9: 61-68 .

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6. Intra-arterial chemotherapy with gemcitabine and cisplatin in locally advanced or recurrent squamous cell carcinoma of penis. Chinese Journal of Cancer.  2013,(11):619-23.

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Updated by International Office, Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center

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