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Name: Zhou Fangjian
Title: Professor, Director of the Department of Urology
Email: zhoufj@sysucc.org.cn

Modified radical cystectomy
Our group has made several modifications to the traditional radical cystectomy. The first is a modified technique to prevent complications related to stoma and ileoureteral anastomosis in patients undergoing ileal conduit diversion. The second is a modified technique for neourethral anastomosis in orthotopic neobladder reconstruction. Both of the two modifications have been widely accepted by peers.

Nephron sparing operation
Our group pays a lot of attention to nephron sparing operation. As more and more small renal mass being detected accidentally by body exam, and the prolonged  life span, preserving the kidney is more and more important. Our group made some modification to the traditional nephron sparing operation, which significantly reduced the postoperative complication.

The mechanisms of Bladder cancer metastasis
Metastasis is the main reason of failure in cancer treatment. Bladder cancer with metastasis is incurable. Hence exploring the mechanisms of Bladder cancer metastasis can provide new idea in the treatment of bladder cancer. Our group demonstrated that up-regulation of Nkx2.8 inhibited epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT), an early key event in cancer metastasis, in bladder cancer cells. The research is supported by the grants from the Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 81272810) and the Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, China(No. S2012010009466).

1995, The first award for“The series studies of renal stone and renal function” Hunan Province Science and Technology Association




Obtained Medical Bachelor in 1984, Medical Master in 1987 and Medical Doctor in 1992  from Hunan Medical University


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