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Name: Qiu Huijuan
Title: Associate chief physician

Dr.Qiu Huijuan has been engaged in clinical treatment of tumors combined with traditional Chinese and western medicine for almost 20 years. She is adept at treating various tumors (especially gastrointestinal tract cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer) with operations, radiotherapy and chemotherapy combined with traditional Chinese medicine to reduce toxic and adverse reactions and improve the life quality of patients. In recent years she has researched on the toxic and adverse reactions (such as gastrointestinal reactions and erythra) caused by targeted drug therapy and accumulated relevant experience in traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

Work experience
1991-1996: Department of Internal Medicine in Qingyuan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangdong;

1996-present: Clinical work on tumor treatment combined with traditional Chinese and western medicine at Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center.

1986-1991: Studied in Department of Medicine at Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine;

1999: Pursued advanced studies in clinical oncology combined with traditional Chinese and western medicine in Beijing;

2004: Attended the “upgrading class for persons in charge of national drug clinical research bases” organized by China Food and Drug Administration.


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