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Name: Xu Boping
Title: Associate chief physician
Prof. Xu Boping has been engaging himself in clinical treatment of malignant tumors with traditional Chinese and western medicine after graduation. He is proficient in treating a variety of malignant tumors with traditional Chinese medicine, such as liver cancer, lung cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, gastric cancer, breast cancer and large intestine cancer. He skillfully applies diverse methods of traditional Chinese medicine, including oral therapy, fumigation and steaming therapy, fog inhalation therapy, external washing, external application, coloclysis, acupressure or acupoint application, acupuncture, etc., to treat malignant tumors and all kinds of toxic and adverse reactions after operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and always achieves good efficacy. He performs unusual methods to treat liver and kidney function damage, bone marrow depression and especially aleucocytosis & thrombocytopenia caused by chemotherapy drugs. The traditional Chinese medicine preparations he has developed can effectively cure vasculitis of chemotherapeutic drugs, cancer pain, radioactive skin injury, radiation enteritis and radioactive urethritis. The research interests of Prof. XuBoping mainly include: 1. reduction of the toxic and adverse reactions and sequelae caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy with traditional Chinese medicine; 2. traditional-Chinese-medicine treatment of middle-staged and advanced cancer which is not suitable for operations, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

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