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Name: Su Xiao-Dong
Title: Associate Professor and advisor of master’s degree student

Dr. Su has been working in the department of thoracic surgery, SYSUCC since July 1993 after graduated from Sun Yet Sen University of Medical Science (now Sun Yet Sen University). His expertise includes: Diagnosis and staging of thoracic tumor including carcinoma of lung, esophagus and mediastium; Surgical treatment of carcinoma of lung, esophagus and mediastium; Management of postoperative complications; Multidisciplinary management of cancer of lung and esophagus.

A subtask of a national 863 project: study on new antibody for lung cancer.Inflammation and prognosis of early stage lung cancer.

1987 –1993 Sun Yet-Sen University of Medical Science ( now Sun Yet-Sen University ) Bachelor of Medicine; 

1999 – 2001 University Of New South Wales, Australia, Master of Community Medicine; 

2003 – 2006 Sun Yet-Sen University, Ph.D of Oncology/ Surgical Oncology


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