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Name: Zhang Xu
Title: Associate Professor
Email: zhangxu@sysucc.org.cn
Dr. Zhang Xu is the associate professor of surgery . He has been working in the Department of Thoracic Surgery, Cancer Center, Sun Yet –Sen University for 17 years after graduated from Sun Yet-Sen University of Medical Science in July 1997. He is very familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of thoracic tumor including carcinoma of lung, esophagus, breast cancer and mediastium. The responsibilities include :esophagoscopy, tracheoscopy, endscopic ultrasonography (EUS),thoracoscopy, mediastinoscopy,lobectomy, pneumoectomy, mediastinal lymph node dissection(opening or VATS),Lobar bronchoplasty,e sophagectomy with intrathoracic or cervical anastomosis(opening or VATS),mediastinal tumor resection,tumor of chest wall resection and reconstruction,radical and modified mastectomy,multidisciplinary management of cancer of lung and esophagus. Dr. Zhang has published more than 30 research papers.

1. Detecting the related genes in esophageal carcinoma.

2. Multidisciplinary management of cancer of lung and esophagus.3. The pattern of lymph node metastasis in esophageal carcinoma


1986 - 1992   First High School of Puning, Gaungdong Province. 

1992 - 1997   Sun Yet-Sen University of Medical Science ( now Sun Yet-Sen University ), Bachelor of Clinical Medicine 

2001 – 2004  Sun Yet-Sen University, Master of Oncology 

2005 – 2008  Sun Yet-Sen University, PhD of Oncology


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