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Name: Lin Wenqian
Title: Chief physician, advisor of master’s degree student

Dr. Lin Wenqian has been devoted to clinical anesthesia and pain treatment for over 20 years. He has proficiently mastered the operation and treatment methods of various clinical techniques in his specialty. He is conversant with anesthesia for a variety of tumor surgeries (thoracic surgery, head and neck surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, gynecological cancer, abdominal surgery, etc.) and has accomplished more than 6,000 cases of clinical anesthesia. He is skilled in the diagnosis & treatment as well as the first aid techniques of critical illness.

Work Experience
07/1988-02/1997: Department of Anesthesia at Shiyan Taihe Hospital, Hubei;

12/1997-present: Department of Anesthesia at Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center.

 Mechanism, prevention and treatment of one-lung ventilation lung injury
09/1983-07/1988: Bachelor’s degree, Department of Medicine at Tongji Medical University Yunyang Medical College;

09/1990-07/1993: Master’s degree in Anesthesia, Tongji Medical University.


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