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Name: Cai Ling
Title: Chief physician

Oct 2011 - present 
SYSUCC, Guangzhou, China
Department of Radiation Oncology, Associate professor 
Specializes in thoracic cancer treatment and research    

Oct 2008 – Oct 2011                                                                             
Centre Hospitalier Universitairevaudois, Chuv
Lausanne, Switzerland
Department of Radiation Oncology, Clinical Fellow         
-  Worked as fellow-ship and participated in clinical works 
-  Conducted clinical research on primary bone lymphoma (multi-center research in

 USA, Swiss, China, France, Spain, Netherlands, and Greece) for Rare Cancer

Network and the outcome comparison of pre-operation radiotherapy vs.

post-operation radiotherapy in sarcoma
-  Received the training of Image-Guided Radiotherapy and gained more

 experience in the treatment of prostate cancer, sarcoma and breast cancer
-  Completed the M.D thesis on primary bone lymphoma

Jul 2005 – Oct 2008    
SYSUCC Guangzhou, China
Department of Radiation Oncology, Attending Radiation Oncologist
-      Attended a three-year specialty training program for Radiation Oncology
-      Took charge of the diagnosis and treatment of 15 hospital beds
-      Administered the treatment project including the design of irradiation

 beams, the qualitative during the period of treatment
-      Received the training of traditional irradiation or the 3-dimensional conformal

radiotherapy according to the tumor image from CT or MRI scan
-      Treated the complication during the full cycle of treatment
-      Specialized in esophageal cancer; lung cancer; breast cancer and liver cancer,

 lymphoma, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, et al.
-      Attended the training for GCP and awarded the certification; participated in

 several clinical trials for designed protocol

 Sep 2002 - June 2005
SYSUCC Guangzhou, China
Department of Radiation Oncology, Resident physician
-      Worked as medical assistant
-      Completed the educational courses of medical oncology including Medical

 Statistics, Advanced Pathology, Clinical Oncology and Design of Scientific Research,

 et al
-      Completed the phase I and II study of CMNa (one kind of radio sensitizer)

combined with concurrent radio chemotherapy for advanced esophageal carcinoma
-      Awarded the diploma in medical oncology

Jun 1998 - Aug 2002
The Eighth Municipal Hospital, Guangzhou, China
Department of Oncology, Resident in cancer medicine with specialized in radiation

-      Conducted the primary diagnosis and treatment of various tumor types
-      Implemented the chemotherapy and radiotherapy
-     Participated in the radiosensitive therapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma        
Jul 1992 – Jul 1998
The Eighth Municipal Hospital, Guangzhou, China
Department of Internal Medicine, Resident
-      Conducted the diagnosis and clinical therapy of patients specialized in infectious disease


Sep 1986- Jul 1992                                                                                   

Sun Yat-sen University of MedicalSciences, Guangzhou, China                            

Diploma in Medicine,   Bachelor Degree, July 1992            

Sep 2002- Jun 2005                                                                                     

Sun Yat-sen University , Cancer Center,Guangzhou, China                                          

Diplomain Medical Oncology, Master Degree, June 2005     

Mar 2009- Oct 2011                                                                                        

University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland                                                

Doctoral Degree in Medicine, February,2012    


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