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Name: Hu Lianying
Title: Associate chief nurse practitioner and director of nursing
Email: huly@sysucc.org.cn

Ms. Hu Lianying graduated from the Affiliated Nursing School of former Zhongshan Medicine School in July 1984 and has been working at Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, focusing on clinical nursing. She has been taking charge of nursing management since August 2005 and currently serves as director of nursing of Radiation Oncology, being responsible for nursing management of outpatient clinic of radiation oncology, service counter, electron mirror room, day-care unit of radiation oncology, radiation therapy center including CT examination positioning room, after-loading therapy room amongst others. She specializes in nursing and emergency treatment of radiation therapy of various tumors and disease, focusing health education and rehabilitation guilds for patients receiving radiation therapy in recent years. She has taken charge of teaching for further education of nurses from or outside Guangdong Province, and participated in providing support and guilds for associate organizations at all level.


Last Updated on: August 2014
Junior college

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