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Name: Mou Yonggao
Title: Director, Professor, doctoral advisor, chief physician and Doctor of Medicine
Email: mouyg@sysucc.org.cn

He is also a member of the Neurosurgery Branch of Guangdong Medical Association, a member of Neurosurgeons Association of Guangdong Medical Doctor Association, a standing member of the Neurosurgery Branch of Guangdong Association of the Integrative Traditional and Western Medicine, Vice Chairman of Guangdong Anti-cancer Association and Society of Neuro-oncology, Guangzhou Anti-cancer Association, a member of the Branch of Minimally Invasive Therapy for Intracranial Tumors, Committee of Minimally Invasive Therapy, Chinese Anti-cancer Association, and Editorial Board Member of Chinese Journal of Neuro-oncology.Diagnosis and microsurgery treatment of nervous system (brain and spinal cord) tumors; combination therapy (surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy) of brain glioma, and diagnosis and treatment of brain metastasis.


He has also conducted some research on nasopharynx carcinoma radiation encephalopathy, etc. and has carried out intracranial lesions stereotactic biopsy.


Prof. Mou Yonggao is Master and Doctor of Clinical Medicine of Sun Yat-sen University. He has been engaged in clinical work, scientific research and teaching on neurosurgery for over 20 years, and has been committed to clinical work and research work in neuro-oncology. He studied at MD Anderson Cancer Center in 2009.He has led a number of scientific research projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, etc. and published several papers on SCI journals. He was granted a patten for utility model of the People's Republic of China.


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