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Name: Zhan Youqing
Title: Professor, chief physician , Deputy director of Infection Control Committee
Prof. Zhan Youqing is adept at the diagnosis and treatment of abdominal tumor. He has published over 30 papers about breast cancer, liver cancer, gastrointestinal tumor, urologic neoplasms and tissue tumor on state and provincial medical journals. He won the third prize in the 3rd Academic Forum Excellent Papers for Young and Middle-aged Talents held by Zhongshan School of Medicine, SYSU. His research, Study on the Application and Mechanism of 5-Fu Intestinal Cavity Chemotherapy Combined with Colorectal Cancer Radical Resection, won the third prize in the Scientific and Technological Achievements of Zhongshan School of Medicine, SYSU.
 He graduated from the former Zhongshan Medicine School in August 1970.

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