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Name: Na Liu
Title: Professor
Email: liun1@sysucc.org.cn

Dr. Na Liu is currently a Professor in the Department of Experiment Research at Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center. She obtained her M.D. of Oncology at University of South China in 2007 and Ph.D. of Oncology at Sun Yat-sen University in 2013. She joined Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center as an Associate Professor in November 2013. Dr. Liu’s research is focused on the molecular mechanisms of individualized treatment for nasopharyngeal carcinoma. She has published more than 30 peer-reviewed papers, including some papers in renowned journals such as Lancet Oncology, Annals of Oncology, Nature Communications, Clinical Cancer Research, Cancer Research, Cell Death and Differentiation.


Dr. Na Liu is interested in the molecular mechanisms of individualized treatment for nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC). She identified a five-miRNA signature and a 13-gene panel for the prediction of NPC prognosis, and investigated the epigenetic regulatory mechanism (DNA methylation, miRNA, lncRNA and circRNA) of NPC metastasis, which providing novel biomarkers and targets for the individualized therapy for NPC patients.


09/2009-07/2013 Ph.D. of Oncology, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China 

09/2006-07/2009 Master Degree of Oncology, Nan Hua University, Hengyang, China 

09/2002-07/2007 Bachelor of Medicine, Nan Hua University, Hengyang, China


1.  Development and validation of a gene expression-based signature to predict distant metastasis in locoregionally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma: a retrospective, multicentre, cohort study. Tang XR, Li YQ, Liang SB, Jiang W, Liu F, Ge WX, Tang LL, Mao YP, He QM, Yang XJ, Zhang Y, Wen X, Zhang J, Wang YQ, Zhang PP, Sun Y, Yun JP, Zeng J, Li L, Liu LZ, Liu N,* Ma J.* Lancet Oncol, 2018

2. Prognostic value of a microRNA signature in nasopharyngeal carcinoma: a microRNA expression analysis. Liu N, Chen NY, Cui RX, Li WF, Li Y, Wei RR, Zhang MY, Sun Y, Huang BJ, Chen M, He QM, Jiang N, Chen L, Cho WC, Yun JP, Zeng J, Liu LZ, Li L, Guo Y, Wang HY, Ma J. Lancet Oncol, 2012

3. Identification and validation of novel microenvironment-based immune molecular subgroups of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: implications for immunotherapy. Chen YP, Wang YQ, Lv JW, Li YQ, Chua MLK, Le QT, Lee N, Colevas AD, Seiwert T, Hayes DN, Riaz N, Vermorken JB, O'Sullivan B, He QM, Yang XJ, Tang LL, Mao YP, Sun Y, Liu N,* Ma J.* Ann Oncol, 2019

4. HOPX hypermethylation promotes metastasis via activating SNAIL transcription and correlates with poor prognosis in NPC. Ren XY, Yang XJ, Cheng B, Chen XZ, Zhang TP, He QM, Li B, Li YQ, Tang XR, Wen X, Zhong Q, Kang TB, Zeng MS, Liu N,* Ma J.* Nat Commun, 2017

5. Circular RNA CRIM1 functions as a ceRNA to promote nasopharyngeal carcinoma metastasis and docetaxel chemoresistance through upregulating FOXQ1. Hong X,# Liu N,# Liang Y,# He Q, Yang X, Lei Y, Zhang P, Zhao Y, He S, Wang Y, Li J, Li Q, Ma J, Li Y. Mol Cancer, 2020

6. RAB37 hypermethylation regulates metastasis and resistance to docetaxel-based induction chemotherapy in nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Li Y, Yang X, Du X, Lei Y, He Q, Hong X, Tang X, Zhang P, Sun Y, Zhang J, Wang Y, Ma J, Liu N.* Clin Cancer Res, 2018

7. Long noncoding RNA FAM225A promotes nasopharyngeal carcinoma tumorigenesis and metastasis by acting as ceRNA to sponge miR-590-3p/ miR-1275 and upregulate ITGB3. Zheng ZQ, Li ZX, Zhou GQ, Lin L, Zhang LL, Lv JW, Huang XD, Liu RQ, Chen FP, He XJ, Kou J, Zhang J, Wen X, Li YQ, Ma J, Liu N,* Sun Y.* Cancer Res, 2019

8. Hypermethylation of SHISA3 promotes nasopharyngeal carcinoma metastasis by reducing SGSM1 stability. Zhang J, Li YQ, Guo R, Wang YQ, Zhang PP, Tang XR, Wen X, Hong XH, Lei Y, He QM, Yang XJ, Sun Y, Ma J,* Liu N.* Cancer Res, 2019

9. EZH2-DNMT1-mediated epigenetic silencing of miR-142-3p promotes metastasis through targeting ZEB2 in nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Li Y, He Q, Wen X, Hong X, Yang X, Tang X, Zhang P, Lei Y, Hong X, Sun Y, Zhang J, Wang Y, Ma J,* Liu N.* Cell Death Differ, 2019

10. Long non-coding RNA DANCR stabilizes HIF-1 and promotes metastasis by interacting with NF90/NF45 complex in nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Wen X, Liu X, Mao YP, Yang XJ, Wang YQ, Zhang PP, Lei Y, Hong XH, He QM, Ma J,* Liu N,* Li YQ.* Theranostics, 2018

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