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Name: Weng De-Sheng
Title: Associate Professor and Deputy Director
Email: wengdsh@sysucc.org.cn
Dr. Desheng Weng is associate professor of cell therapy and healthcare research Center. Dr. Weng obtained his Bachelor in Medicine (equivalent to MD in the US) at First Military Medical University and PhD at Sun Yat-sen University of Medical Sciences, P. R. China in 1998 and 2005, respectively. His postdoctoral training at Boston University Medical School provided him with great opportunities to explore the fields of tumor immune therapy and tumorigenesis. He then joined the Department of Cell therapy and Healthcare Research Center and Department of Biotherapy at Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center (SYSUCC) as associate professor in 2012. Dr. Weng has published more than 20 research papers.

(1) Cancer genetics studyTumor suppressor gene down-regulation may play an important role in tumor progress and development. We investigated several tumor suppressors such as ING2, TESTIN, BATF2, LZAP and BIN1, et al. expression in primary hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) or gastric cancer (GC) and evaluated the relationship between these tumor suppressors’ expression and clinicopathological parameters of HCC or GC. Furthermore, by examining in vitro proliferation, clone formation, motility, invasion and apoptosis of tumor cell lines, we also study the functional role of these tumor suppressors in the tumorigenesis of HCC or GC.

(2) Cancer Immunotherapy studyImmunotherapy is an important comprehensive treatment method for cancer patient. Dr. Weng investigated several immuno-effector cells such as cytokines induced killer cells (CIK), natural killer cells (NK), dendritic cells (DC) and DC-CIK for treatment of cancer patients. More ever, he also investigated that DC/tumor fusion vaccines or genetic modified-DC vaccines for the treatment of cancer patients.


1993-1998 M.D. Medicine, First Military Medical University, Guangzhou, P.R. China.

2001-2004 M.S. Pathology, First Military Medical University, Guangzhou, P.R. China.

2005-2008 Ph.D. Oncology, Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, Guangzhou, P.R. China.

2008-2012 Postdoctor. Boston University Medical School, Boston, US.


1. Wu Z*, Weng D(co-first), Li G. Quantitative proteome analysis of overexpressed Cripto-1 tumor cell reveals 14-3-3gamma as a novel biomarker in nasopharyngeal carcinoma. J Proteomics, 83C: 26-36, 2013  

2. Weng D, Song B, Koido S, Calderwood SK, Gong J*. Immunotherapy of radioresistant mammary tumors with early metastasis using molecular chaperone vaccines combined with ionizing radiation. J Immunol, 191(2): 755-763, 2013  

3. Weng D, Penzner JH, Song B, Koido S, Calderwood SK, Gong J*. Metastasis is an early event in mouse mammary carcinomas and is associated with cells bearing stem cell markers. Breast Cancer Res., 14(1):R18, 2012  

4. Weng D, Calderwood SK, Gong J*. Preparation of a heat-shock protein 70-based vaccine from DC-tumor fusion cells. Methods Mol Biol.,787:255-65, 2011  

5. Weng D, Song B, Durfee J, Sugiyama V, Wu Z, Koido S, Calderwood SK, Gong J*. Induction of cytotoxic T lymphocytes against ovarian cancer-initiating cells. Int J Cancer., 129(8):1990-2001, 2011  

6. Weng D, Cunin MC, Song B, Price BD, Eller MS, Gilchrest BA, Calderwood SK, Gong J*. Radiosensitization of mammary carcinoma cells by telomere homolog oligonucleotide pretreatment. Breast Cancer Res., 12(5):R71, 2010  

7. Pan K, Wang Q, Liu Q, Zheng H, Li Y, Weng D, Li J, Huang L, He J, Chen S, Ke M, Zeng Y, Xia J*. The phenotype of ex vivo generated cytokine-induced killer cells is associated with overall survival in patients with cancer. Tumour Biol, 35(1): 701-707, 2014  

8. Xia, JC*,Weng D. Progress of biotherapy in gastrointestinal carcinomas. Zhonghua Wei Chang Wai Ke Za Zhi 16(1): 22-27, 2013  

9. Pan K, Zheng H, Zhao J, Pan Q, Li J, Weng D, Jiang S, Chang AE, Li Q*, Xia J*. OK-432 synergizes with IFN-γ to confer dendritic cells with sustained immunity and activate the p38 and NF-κB pathways. Immunology and Cell Biology, (Epub ahead of print), 2013  

10. Lu L, Pan K, Zheng H, Li J, Qiu H, Zhao J, Weng D, Pan Q, Wang D, Jiang S, Chang AE, Li Q*, Xia J*. IL-17A promotes immune effector cell recruitment in human esophageal cancer by inducing tumor cell chemokine production , J Immunotherapy, 36: 451–458, 2013

11. Pan, QZ, Pan K, Weng D, Zhao J, Zhang X, Wang D, Lv L, Jiang S, Zheng H, Xia J*. Annexin A3 promotes tumorigenesis and resistance to chemotherapy in hepatocellular carcinoma. Mol Carcinog, (Epub ahead of print), 2013

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