Patient Care
    Huang Hong-Bing
    Title Director, Chief Pharmacist, Supervisor of Master degree students

    Hong-Bing Huang is the chief pharmacist and director of the Department of Pharmacy. He obtained his Bachelor Degree of Pharmacy at Guangdong Pharmaceutical University and Master at Sun Yat-sen University, P. R. China in 1990 and 2001, respectively. He is a supervisor of master degree students in the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Sun Yat-sen University. His major research interests focus on personalized use of anti tumor drugs and effect of genetic polymorphisms and activities of CYP450 enzymes on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of anti tumor drugs. At the same time, he is the principle investigate of five research funds including the Science and Technology Planning Project of Guangdong Province, China (No. 2012B020306001 and 2009B030801160). 

    He has published 4 papers at peer reviewed SCI journals such as Br J Pharmacol and J Int Med Res. He serves as the senior member of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association and several other member of pharmaceutical organizations. Also, he is the editor of several Chinese journals such as China Pharmacy, Chinese Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmacy Today, and so on.

    Liu Tao
    Title Associate chief pharmacist, Deputy Director of Department of Pharmacy

    Member of Guangdong Pharmaceutical Association Hospital Pharmaceutical Committee

    Work experience
    1995-present: Department of Pharmacy at Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center

    Chen Qianchao
    Title Associate chief pharmacist

    Dr. Chen Qianchao mainly researches on the reasonable clinical use and monitoring of drugs as well as the construction and management of the Pharmacy information system and the cytotoxic drug preparation unit. She takes charge of and engages in multiple research projects. Additionally she has published a certain number of academic papers.


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